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AUTUMN 2019*

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About MIS

  1. Mars in Scorpio was created to offer affordable garments and accessories to the street, tech, and smart wear markets. We have focused our attention on where those three styles intersect in a comprehensive way.
  2. Our aim is to create emotional connections with customers through provocative products, design, and lifestyle content. We don’t want to just sell products, but to also connect with our community and nurture it through direct interactions.


Artist: Alexander Ablola of Mars in Scorpio
Venue: Union Hall
Exhibition Title: Desert of the Real
Date: September 5 - October 19, 2019
Note: Full length text associated with the exhibition can be seen here


Union Hall is pleased to present Desert of the Real, a fashion-focused exhibition from Denver-based Mars in Scorpio. Created by photographer Alexander Ablola, Mars in Scorpio bridges the gap between fashion and fine art by blending the egalitarian approach of streetwear with high-concept editorial photography and immersive presentation methods.

Together, the images and video that comprise Desert of The Real conceptually explore the roles that clothing and technology play in humankind’s connection to our physical bodies, revealing the incompatibility between reality and virtual reality, and highlighting the dissonance between our organic forms and digital existences.

The interactions played out in these images are a hyperreal projection of how digital interfaces in our daily lives are increasingly distancing us from our most human emotions and experiences. In this exhibition, Mars in Scorpio asks us to step inside a dystopian vision of a not so distant future, where the artificial is authentic and the authentic is artificial. Welcome to the Desert of The Real.


Throughout the six weeks the show was open there were three events Mars In Scorpio created as programming for Union Hall. The first was an artist talk that details the concept, philosophy, execution, and lessons learned. A few weeks later was a panel consisting of various business people of the fashion Denver community that discussed fashions possibilities and role in the future. The closing party was a combination of music and fashion where local artist played in looks styled from previous MIS drops.


Coloradan Speaker Series: "Creative Terrain: The Future of The Fashion Industry"*

For the second installment of the Coloradan Speaker Series at Union Hall, we take a deep dive into the creative industry of fashion. Taking a global approach, Alexander Ablola (founder of Mars in Scorpio and our current exhibiting artist) will lead a panel-style discussion featuring Denver-based fashion experts representing diverse roles and experiences in the industry.

Speakers include: Karmen Berentsen - Owner of Aline Boutique, Alex Reagan - Owner of Environmentally Conscious Outfitters, Zaki Hamid - Owner of Steadbrook, Noah Schneiderman - Founding member of Avantarium, Crystal Lee - Owner of C.R. Lee.

*artist talk and panel discussion videos cut short due to technical malfunctions